Long Range Rifle Level I

Come learn Long Range Rifle Level I the Right Way at XP Long Range Academy! During Long Range Rifle Level I you get the combined experience and expertise of Gary Melton from Paramount Tactical and Ray Helms of X-Ring. They have teamed up and developed these courses to bring you the best long-range training available. They will be at every course as lead instructors, and both will be working with you one on one to ensure you have the knowledge and ability to hit targets at distance. You will leave knowledgeable on ballistics and equipment and fully confident in your abilities. Slots are limited and filling fast so enroll before they’re gone! Don’t have a rifle or you don’t want to travel with firearms? We have student rifles available for rental that are assembled with optics and accessories hand-picked by Ray and Gary.

Upcoming Courses

Level I & II Bundle Save $400! Both courses $3298.00

Lunch is provided for Day Zero
Lunch and dinner are provided Day 1 and 2

Equipment rental fee is $225 per course and includes:

  • Masterpiece Arms Rifle (6.5 Creedmoor)
  • Zeiss LRP S3 6-35×56
  • Accu-Tac Bipods
  • MDT LRA Send It Level
  • Thunder Beast Arms Corporation Ultra 9 Suppressor
  • FatBoy Tripods (where applicable)
  • Rear and Positional Shooting Bags
  • Shooting Mats
  • Any other supporting equipment require for course except eye protection and electronic ear protection.

The rifles and supporting equipment were all chosen by both Gary and Ray. They agreed on gear that they know performs so you can be assured you’ll have a great training experience. There is nothing that ruins training like a rifle that won’t shoot, a bad optic, or inconsistent ammunition. Using our equipment ensure we as instructors are focused on improving the shooter, the student is focused on applying what is taught, and we are not collectively wasting time troubleshooting equipment.

We want every student to succeed and surpass the course performance standards. Ray and Gary have carefully chosen the equipment used in our courses in order to ensure every student is given the best chances to graduate every course.

For Level I Courses we highly recommend that you use our rifles in order to remove equipment/ammo variables we often see with student equipment. You can take the information and experience from Level I to ensure your rifle is set up correctly. You will also know what kind of performance to expect out of your rifle and gear when you leave.

Ammo Fee: Will be calculated at the end of each course and based on how many rounds each student used. Typically, students use around 250rds per course.

Level 1 Schedule:

  • Day Zero: 9:00am – 3:30pm
  • Day 1: 9:00am – 6:00pm
  • Day 2: 9:00am – 7:00pm
  • Day 2 includes Award and Graduation Ceremony

Other important information:

After enrollment you will receive a Welcome Letter via email that will provide additional instruction and answer frequently asked questions. Please read this information carefully. If you have additional questions, send an email to [email protected].

Throughout the course and at the end of each day, you instructor will be providing written and verbal feedback on your knowledge and performance in many different areas. You’ll be essentially given a report card at the end of each day on:

Fundamentals of Marksmanship:

  • Body Position
  • Use of Bags
  • Sight Picture
  • Breathing
  • Trigger Squeeze
  • Follow Through

Data Collection:

  • Properly Recording DOPE


  • Demonstrating Understanding of Topics Covered in Classroom

So you’ll receive personalized feedback every day, so you know what and how to improve your performance.

Every XP course will have pass or fail criteria.

If you do not meet or exceed course standards, you will be given a Attendance Certificate. If you meet or exceed course standards, you receive a Graduation Certificate with your academic and course of fire scores included.

All students that do not pass initial testing will receive remedial training and be given one additional opportunity to pass the written test or the performance testing course of fire.

Any student that passes on the second attempt will receive a Graduation Certificate that will indicate PASS in both Academic Score/Course of Fire Score.

While both Ray and Gary feel it is important to have challenging standards in order to maximize student focus and performance, there is no benefit to us for a student to fail. We will do everything in our power to coach, guide, and assist every student so they prepared for success. When we do have a student fail to meet the standard, just know that we see that as a personal failure on our part as well. We want you to succeed.

We could offer courses that you just attend and leave with a certificate but that holds no one accountable. That training model does not provide quantifiable feedback that the instruction provided is effective, nor does it prove the student is leaving fully capable.

Standards come with the fact that some students will unfortunately fail to meet the standards. If that happens the student will leave knowing exactly what they need to work in order prepare, come back and fully exceed the standards.

Once you have attended an XP Long Range Academy course you are part of the XP Alumni Family! Our training, as with all training is never intended to be one and done. This is a lifestyle and regular training is critical to improve as a shooter. We currently have clients take the same course many times over. Every student will be pushed and challenged by your assigned instructor on a personal basis. Whether you’re a seasoned shooter, or a beginner, we will make sure you get one on one attention and dramatically improve every course. We also will make slight changes to every course so that people that are returning will experience something new every time.

Many clients will want to take the same course multiple times. Some students that didn’t pass a specific course or didn’t score as high as they think they could have will want to return and earn a Graduate Certificate or improve their scores.

To make it as affordable as possible to attend courses regularly, we are offering all XP clients an Alumni Discount. They will receive 40% off any course they enroll in that they have already attended (regardless of previous pass/fail).

We will be offering a limited number of Alumni slots in each course. Once you have attended every course we offer, that’s just the beginning! We want to see you at every course!

Pigg River Precision
4868 Virgil H. Goode Highway
Rocky Mount, VA 24151 United States
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Pigg River Precision, Inc. is a comprehensive precision rifle range for hobbyists and competitors. We are a veteran owned business located strategically in the rolling terrain of Southern Virginia on over 500 expansive acres. If you are looking for a venue to practice the art and discipline of long-range shooting, or a professionally run precision rifle course of fire, we have what you are looking for. The range is an event-based only facility, meaning we do not offer memberships, dues, etc. and are only open for our published events.

Pigg River Precision