This is the first course of an extremely comprehensive concealed carry course series. Don’t let anyone tell you that all you need is a 6-8 hour course to be able to safely and effectively fight with a concealed handgun.

There is almost nothing more dangerous than sticking a handgun down your pants and then try to retrieve it while under stress. To do this safely, you must be competent and confident in your ability to to use a handgun.

This is why we require each client attending our concealed carry courses to have first completed our Level I – II  Defensive Handgun course series.

We know that a vast majority of CCW holders do not carry a gun regularly and much of that is due to them not being comfortable enough to do so. They are not proficient with shooting a handgun and they have not been taught how to carry a concealed handgun.

Using strict but achievable performance standards and scenario based training, this course ensures you understand the principles of concealed carry, are comfortable fighting with a handgun, that you know how to use multiple carry options, and CCW best practices. 

Topics Covered:

  • Importance of Situational Awareness and Conflict Prevention
  • Recommended CCW Firearms
  • Recommended CCW Holsters
  • Clothing Considerations
  • Defensive Ammunition
  • Everyday Carry Best Practices
  • Safe Concealed Carry Draw Techniques

With our low student to instructor ratio we will push and help each student individually so that everyone receives a one on one experience while in a group training environment. 


Defensive Handgun I-II

Emergency Casualty Care/Traumatic Injury Response (or other TCCC/TECC equivalent course)

Location: Training Facility, just outside of Martinsburg, WV. 

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Concealed Carry
Concealed Carry