Do you prefer working privately, one on one with an instructor? Want to schedule a private training session for you and a friend? Want to have a customized training program? Don’t have the time for a full day course? Do you want hard data to know if you’re improving? Our Personalized Training sessions are perfect for you.

With every Personalized Training session, we assess each client by using data collected during diagnostic drills and then throughout the session we collect information about shot times, shot groups, and other information. We then send each client a Training Summary that clearly shows before and after training performance.

We also keep a copy of your Training Summary so we can customize future training sessions based on your individual strengths and weaknesses. With the client’s record, each person can use that information to sustain and improve their own performance.

Our diagnostic drills are designed to be easily reproduced so each client can continue to improve their perfromance on their own. The client Training Summary gives each client a benchmark so they have hard data to know exactly where they are from a performance standpoint, and if they are sustaining, improving, or regressing. 

Personalized Training sessions are also very time efficient. Because they are so intensive and you’re working one on one, we get much more accomplished in a 3-4 hour session than we ever could in an 8 hour course with multiple clients. Also, everything we do during is completely personalized. We get to assess the individual and concentrate on his or her specific needs. 

So whether you’re a brand new shooter or a world class competitor, we guarantee that Personalized Training will greatly improve your performance, identify your specific training needs, and help you meet and exceed your shooting goals! Even world class shooters need a coach… We’d love to be yours!​

Please call or email us for more information or to schedule a Personalized Training Session. 

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