Paramount Tactical Solutions was founded by Special Operations Veterans because we enjoy and have a passion for firearms, tactics, self-defense, and training. Every Paramount Tactical Solutions instructor has a high level of operational and instructor experience, but most importantly we have a passion for sharing our knowledge and experience so that we can help others accomplish their goals or be more effective at what they do.

We’re proud of the fact that Paramount has become so much more than a training company. It’s a community of like minded people that want to improve their capabilities or just simply love to train and shoot. We offer training to US Military units, Law Enforcement, and civilians. It doesn’t matter if you’re a civilian that has never touched a firearm or a Tier 1 Operator, we will meet your training needs and exceed your expectations.

What you won’t find at Paramount is ego… or anyone trying to dazzle you with bravado, war stories, jargon, made up technical terms, or hard to understand 15 point tactical concepts. Too many people in the training industry over complicate everything. I mean, IT’S SHOOTING… It should be fun and exciting, not a professorial lecture on theoretical physics!

We’re going to break things down in simple to understand terms and coach and mentor you along the way. We are training professionals, all of our instructors have extensive combat experience, work as federal law enforcement or military instructors, and all are federally accredited. Our curriculum is developed using formal federal and military standards. That being said, we deliver that curriculum in a friendly and informal manner.

We believe that firearms and self-defense training should be approached differently. Regardless if they’re tactical professionals or civilians, we want all of our clients to ENJOY training and have great time while developing real skills. We enjoy the personal relationships we develop with all of our clients and given our customer return rate, they do too!

You should come train with us… You’ll be glad you did! Oh by the way, if you don’t feel like you received your money’s worth or don’t plan on coming back, just let us know and we’ll refund every penny! That’s how confident we are! You have nothing to lose so sign up for that course and let’s go train!

Gary Melton

Owner/Lead Instructor

Paramount Tactical Solutions

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Paramount Tactical Solutions offers reality based courses and training that are designed by industry leading professional instructors. We offer basic through advanced firearms training, long range shooting, comprehensive concealed carry courses, survival and self defense training...

We work with several facilities so that we can provide you exactly the training environment you need to meet mission requirements. We also can come to you and regularly provide mobile training.

Paramount Tactical Solutions is veteran owned, operated and staffed by professional instructors that are Special Operations and Law Enforcement veterans. Our Instructors are required to have recent and relevant real world experience.

Paramount Tactical Solutions is proud to serve and support our Military and Law Enforcement clients. We will provide you exactly what you want, what you need, and nothing more.

Training facility located near

Winchester, VA 

Approximately 1.5 hrs from DC

and 2 hrs from Baltimore, MD

We have lodging partners in the area so call or email for overnight discounts


Phone: (304) 620-4921       Email:


If you have purchased a course and need to cancel, please do so at least a week before the course is scheduled to take place.  Cancellation requests received at least 7 days prior to the course will be refunded 100% of purchase price.  Any cancellation requests received less than 7 days prior to the scheduled course will receive a 50% refund of purchase price.  If you are a no-show on the day of the course, you forfeit the right to a refund.



Any product can be returned for a full refund within 10 days of purchase if the product is returned new, unopened, and unused. 



Paramount Tactical Solutions values and protects our customers' private information. We will never sell or share customer information for any reason outside of what is required for transaction completion. 



If you no longer wish to receive emails from Paramount Tactical Solutions of have any other questions regarding training or product purchase simply email us at 

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