We recognize that it is not always possible to regularly attend training sessions. Sometimes you also need to further enhance your current training. Other times you may just want a refresher between training sessions. That’s why we created the Paramount Tactical Virtual Training Academy.

Proficiency with a firearm is a diminishing skill. The longer you spend without training and practice, the faster and easier your performance, proficiency, and knowledge start to diminish.

And yes, there is a difference between training and practice.

Training: Learning how to properly perform tasks or learning a skill, through formal instruction. (What you do in a classroom and at the range with an instructor)

Practice: Repeatedly performing the tasks and skills learned in training to perform instinctively and skillfully. (What you are doing by yourself at the range or at home)

At Paramount Tactical, we want to make training more accessible to you. Whether you want to build upon training learned in one or more of our courses or perhaps you have not yet made it to one of our courses, this is for you.

New Virtual Academy Subscriber Introduction Video

Virtual Training Academy Intro Video

At the Paramount Tactical Virtual Training Academy, I will be your personal firearms trainer and coach. If you follow this program weekly, you will become a better shooter. Period!

I will be releasing one firearms training video per week. Each lesson will be a one hour training session.

They will consist of detailed instruction, task, purpose, mindset, methodology, equipment list, dry fire drills, and live fire drills consisting of no more than one box of ammunition. I want to keep these sessions affordable with time and money.

I am not just providing you training but also teaching you HOW to train and get the most out of your time and money. Along with progression drills, you’ll get diagnostic drills that will help you track your progress.

If you have the time and ammo you can obviously run the drills given as many times as you want. I will also provide dry fire only options for when you can’t get to the range.

You will have a clearly defined training plan that you can take to the range and execute with purpose and direction instead of wasting rounds and not knowing what to do. These lessons will make you a progressively better shooter!

Your subscription fee will give you access to these lessons and eventually a catalogue of lessons so you can train any time and have the tools to do it live fire or dry fire.

Each video will either be Handgun, Carbine, or Long Range.

Eventually I will add additional features where I offer private phone calls, video diagnosis of your shooting, member exclusive livestreams, and much more.