This is our CQB/CQC Course series . This will be an extremely fun and exciting 2 day training series that will include basic to advanced single, two-man and team room entry. You’ll learn to work under stress and how to think and react even when under fire.


  • Defensive Handgun Level I & II
  • Tactical Carbine Level I & II
  • Traumatic Injury Response Course or another Tactical Medical Course we have offered.

This training will be delivered by SOCOM instructors that currently train both military and federal LE Tactical Entry Teams and will be on par or better than what they deliver to military, federal, and local LE teams now.

Customized CQC/CQB courses are available to military and LE agencies. Any agency can contact us directly for Unit/Agency pricing.

Location: Just outside Martinsburg, WV (Just 2 hours from DC)

For discounted nearby lodging call 304-620-4921

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