Defensive Handgun III

This course builds on everything learned in Level I & II Defensive Handgun Courses and the prerequisite medical training. This course is designed to push you and to find the limits of your abilities with a firearm. This course will not only test your ability to effectively engage threats in a dynamic environment but also your ability to think, analyze, and react appropriately in stressful situations.

You will learn how to fight through injuries, how and when to provide medical treatment to yourself and others all while dealing with active threats.

This course will provide an opportunity for you to see your strengths and identify your weaknesses in your ability to fight through and survive a lethal encounter.

Defensive Handgun
Course Instruction

A marksman applies fundamental skills and can hit stationary targets that he or she is aiming at… That’s it!

Someone that can fight with a gun is trained in many different skill sets, can observe, analyze, think, and react with speed, surprise and violence and then sustain life if needed.

This is a course you do not want to miss!

Defensive Handgun Level I & II
Emergency Casualty Care/Traumatic Injury Response (or other TCCC/TECC equivalent course)

Location: Training Facility just outside of Martinsburg, WV.

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Defensive Handgun
Defensive Handgun