Building on the skills developed in the Level I Course we will move from the basics of a safe draw from a concealed holster to more advanced mechanics and tactics that are practical at close quarters. We will introduce the reality of a dynamic environment and the importance of being able to create distance while retrieving your firearm. 

Topics Covered:

  • One Handed Defensive Engagements
  • Fighting To Your Gun
  • Movement Drills
  • Creating Space/Use of Angles
  • Weapons Retention
  • Basic Weapons Takeaway Techniques
  • Fighting Through Injuries
  • Tactical Trauma Discussion and Practical Application Drills 


  • Defensive Handgun I-II Courses
  • Advanced Concealed Carry Level I Courses
  • Emergency Casualty Care/Traumatic Injury Response (or other TCCC/TECC equivalent course)

Location: Training Facility, just outside of Martinsburg, WV. 

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