This is the one course every person needs to take! This course saves lives!

NAEMT Accredited, Qualifies for 8 Hours CAPCE Continuing Education Units

The #1 cause of death between the ages of 1-44 is traumatic injury and the majority of those death are due to massive hemorrhaging.

The national average for EMS response is around 9 minutes… Massive hemorrhaging from traumatic injuries like gunshot wounds or even auto accidents leads to death in 3-4 minutes. With the right training and equipment you can sustain life until help arrives. 

This course equips you to be ready in times of crisis and be citizen responder that is ready to save lives! 

This Traumatic Injury Response Course (TCCC-AC) is a nationally accredited (NAEMT) coursed designed for Law Enforcement, civilians and all personnel that are not Advanced Life Support (ALS) or non-medical personnel.  As a student in this course you will experience the same level of training in trauma medical response as the military warfighter on the battlefield today.  

This course has the content of Tactical Combat Casualty Care for the Medical Provider (MP) and the Tactical Emergency Casualty Care course but designed for civilians and taught in terms the everyday American 12 years old and up can understand.

This is a great family training opportunity that will be fun and exciting for everyone! Learn some real life-saving skills as a family/group and have a good time while doing it.

As many can imagine most children, men, and women who die from traumatic wounds and serious injuries do so before they arrive at a medical treatment facility.  It is the basics of managing Extremity Hemorrhage control, airway compromise, and open/sucking chest wounds that makes a difference in this population.

From car accidents, work related injuries, there are too many preventable deaths occurring every year. Part of being a responsible parent, gun owner, Law Enforcement Officer, and citizen is having the skills and ability to treat wounds and sustain life until a higher level of care is reached.

With the current state of the world, you will never know when you, a family member, or a friend might be the victim of a violent incident.  Just as people are working to arm themselves for these events it is paramount that you are armed with the knowledge to save a life in this situation as well. 

By applying the proven techniques and skills taught in this course, the US Military has seen a significant decrease in morbidity and mortality by teaching everyone on the battlefield these life saving techniques instead of just medics.  You owe it to yourself and those around you to have the same chances in our battlefield here at home!

During this 2 day course you will learn:

  • How to determine and react to a threat
  • How to move a casualty safely
  • How to apply a tourniquet to a bleeding extremity
  • How to manage an airway of a casualty
  • How to pack a wound where a tourniquet can’t be used
  • How to determine if someone is in shock
  • How to prevent hypothermia
  • How to communicate your findings to medical personnel when they arrive

Course Includes a nationally recognized NAEMT TECC Certification and card. 
-NAEMT’s TECC-AC course is recognized by NAEMT and accredited by CAPCE for 8 hours of Basic or Advanced Continuing Education Units.

This course is delivered by a Certified training Center of the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians and will award 8 hours of continuing education hours to EMS personnel.

All instructors have real world experience and are federally accredited.

Traumatic Injury Response Course
Traumatic Injury Response Course
Traumatic Injury Response
Traumatic Injury Response Course
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