High Performance Evasive Driving

Not only is this course the most fun and exciting training you’ll ever attend, the real world value of it cannot be overstated. You will learn to drive a vehicle fast and in full control utilizing a deeper understanding of vehicle dynamics. You’ll get to crash cars and learn how to ram vehicles or obstacles out of the way while minimizing damage to your own vehicle. You’ll practice driving on the skid pad and learn to control the vehicle on slick surfaces like ice, snow, wet roads, and gravel! You will go through attack scenarios, learn how to recognize them and what to do if you are ever attacked in a vehicle. You will learn how to use Precision Immobilization Techniques/Tactical Vehicle Intervention (PIT/TVI) maneuvers AND how to counter them if they are attempted on you… and SO MUCH MORE! You will have 2 of the most exciting days of your life and walk away with an experience you really can’t get anywhere else.

This course will make you a more capable, aware, safe, and prepared driver. This course has saved many lives in the past and could save yours or those you love! If you drive a vehicle, you will literally use this training every single day!

This course is expensive to facilitate but I think it’s worth it. I believe it is important to be able to offer this training to our civilian clients and we are making almost no money on this course. But if we are going to continue offering this training, we do need to see that there is a market for this training. Simply put, if we can’t fill courses, then we won’t be offering this training in the future.

So go enroll yourself, significant other, family and friends and come enjoy one of the most exhilarating and useful courses you’ll ever take!

HPED Course Training Objectives

Day 1:

  • Basic & Advanced Dynamic Vehicle Control
  • Serpentine/Off Road Recovery
  • Compromised Traction Control Techniques
  • High Performance Braking
  • ABS Limitations
  • Obstacle Avoidance and Swerving
  • Low and High Speed Backing Techniques – Y&J Turn
  • High and Low Speed Technical Driving
  • High and Low Speed Street Line Driving

Day 2:

  • Close Proximity Driving
  • Barricade Breaching and Ramming
  • Precision Immobilization Technique (PIT) maneuver
  • Attack Recognition Exercise
  • Vehicle Shoot / Vehicular Ballistic Protection Demonstration
  • Evasive Driving Exercise (Vehicle Chase Scenarios)
  • Culmination Exercise – Multiple Scenario Requiring Decision Making and Applying All Skills Learned in a Real World Environment

Pre-Requisites: Valid Driver’s License

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