Defensive Handgun Level II

This is an intense, 8 hour advanced firearms course that builds upon the basics learned in the Level I Course. This course will bring your shooting ability to another level by improving speed and accuracy. This course also focuses on building the tactical shooter; a shooter that can think, analyze, plan, and implement proven tactics while under duress. Being able to think and perform under stress while utilizing tactics will give the defensive shooter the advantage and increase the likelihood of survival when facing a threat.

Defensive Handgun Level I

This course is a prerequisite for many of our other advanced firearms courses. 


Prerequisites only refer to Paramount courses. Regardless of your background, who else you’ve trained with, or self-determined skill level, no exceptions for any reason are accepted. This policy is for the safety of our clients and cadre.

While we will not compromise the safety of our staff and clients, we are equally committed to ensuring an exceptional client experience. We push each client at every course based on their skill level. You will be challenged, you will improve, and you will get more than your money’s worth. Along with the 50% of Alumni Discount, this is the reason why our clients take our Level I and subsequent courses over and over. They get better every time!

We always train to a standard, not to time. Many variables affect this including class size and student experience level. We ensure every student leaves fully confident in the knowledge and skills our training covers so there are times that we finish a little early, but we often train beyond the scheduled completion time to ensure our commitment to students is fully met.

This is a fun and dynamic 8 hour intermediate level course.

Equipment Required:

  1. Handgun and 3 magazines
  2. Approx. 350 rounds of ammunition, recommended to bring extra
  3. Holster
  5. Eye Protection
  6. Lunch and Water/Gatorade (limit caffeine) (no onsite food available)
  7. Jackets and Hats to keep you comfortable out on the range.

 Optional Equipment: (recommended but not necessary)

  1. Additional magazines
  2. Firearms cleaning kit
  3. Magazine Belt Pouch(es)
  4. Additional Ammunition
  5. Camp chair for lunch/breaks
Defensive Handgun
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