Tactical Carbine Level II

This course is an intermediate tactical rifle course.

In the Level I Course we learned the basics. We will now start applying those basic skills and knowledge in a more dynamic environment, as well as incorporate more technical skills with higher accuracy standards. This course will not only test your marksmanship and rifle handling skills, but will also challenge your decision making skills under stress. This course will train you to analyze your environment and make timely decisions based on real world considerations.

Regardless of your current skill level, you will learn a lot of applicable technical information, greatly improve your skills and abilities, and like all of our courses we will not only train you but teach you how to train on your own and maintain your skills. With our low student to instructor ratio we can push each student individually so that everyone receives a one on one experience while in a group training environment. 

In this course you will learn/conduct the following:

  • Firearm Safety
  • Shooting On The Move
  • Timed Reloads
  • Increased Accuracy Standards
  • Tactically Addressing Barriers
  • Weak Side Shooting
  • Improvised/Alternate Shooting Positions
  • Situational Awareness/Target Discrimination
  • Close Quarter Engagement Concepts and Fundamentals
  • Tactical Priorities and Decision Making Through
  • Reality Based Live Fire Scenarios
  • Culmination Live Fire Scenario

Tactical Carbine Level I


Prerequisites only refer to Paramount courses. Regardless of your background, who else you’ve trained with, or self-determined skill level, no exceptions for any reason are accepted. This policy is for the safety of our clients and cadre.

While we will not compromise the safety of our staff and clients, we are equally committed to ensuring an exceptional client experience. We push each client at every course based on their skill level. You will be challenged, you will improve, and you will get more than your money’s worth.

We always train to a standard, not to time. Many variables affect this including class size and student experience level. We ensure every student leaves fully confident in the knowledge and skills our training covers so there are times that we finish a little early, but we often train beyond the scheduled completion time to ensure our commitment to students is fully met.

This is a fun and dynamic 8 hour intermediate level course.

Equipment Required:

  1. AR-15 and 3 magazines
  2. Mag Pouches x 2 minimum. A gun belt with AR mag pouches, chest rig, or some other load bearing equipment to hold your mag pouches. We have some available for use and/or purchase.
  3. 350 rounds of ammunition (We do have some .223 available for purchase if needed)
  4. Sling – HIGHLY RECOMMEND AN ADJUSTABLE SLING LIKE THE VIKINGS TACTICS (VTAC) (We will have available for purchase on Sunday, if needed)
  6. Eye Protection
  7. Iron Sights
  8. Firearms cleaning kit/lube
  9. Lunch and Water/Gatorade (limit caffeine) No on-site food is available.

 Optional Equipment: (recommended but not necessary)

  1. Variable Power Optic/Reflex Sight like a red dot or Eotech
  2. Additional magazines
  3. Kneepads, shooting gloves
  4. Shooting Mat
  5. Shooting rest/bag for zeroing
  6. Range Bag to keep your gear separated from others
  7. Folding stool or chair.
  8. Rain Gear (we will train through mild weather but if it gets too bad, we will postpone or finalize training another day)
  9. Sunblock

Please start hydrating a day or two before the course. Eat a good breakfast; bring a decent lunch and some snacks. We will take frequent breaks so bring some chairs. I want us to stay comfortable so we don’t start rushing through things just to get finished. We will take our time and do things right. During this course we want to focus on precision; precise movement, precise decisions, and precise shooting. This course will be much more technical. Technical and heat exhaustion just don’t mix so we’ll do what what’s necessary to keep everyone comfortable. If at any time during training, or course of fire, you feel heat exhaustion coming on, DO NOT HESITATE TO NOTIFY AN INSTRUCTOR.

Tactical Carbine
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