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Combat Medical

We develop and deliver mission critical devices that Simplify Tactical Medicine® and dramatically empower medical operators to save lives.

Combat Medical is forged from a team of experienced military and law enforcement medics, program managers and researchers who have extensive experience in tactical medicine. They understand the power of innovation and how it can simplify tactical medicine in order to save lives. Together with their industry partners, they are united by their vision to contribute to the success of medics and the advancement of combat medicine every day.

Combat Medical exists to save lives. Both military and law enforcement medical operators deserve to have the highest quality, innovative and effective products available today. Their team has a long record of first-in-class life saving product developments and they are proud that their products go into every single combat medic kit in the U.S. Department of Defense and to numerous allied militaries & law enforcement agencies around the world. Combat Medical operates a Quality Management System (QMS) that complies with ISO 13485 Standards for the design, development, manufacture, and distribution of tactical medical devices. They are an FDA registered establishment and offers medical device manufacturing and packaging services in an FDA inspected, GMP production environment.