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After extensive testing of many different ankle medical kits, TacBuddy by far is the best product that we've found. It is very comfortable for all day wear, it's not as bulky as it looks and even guys with larger legs can wear with tapered pants. You can also gear up and gear (slim) down your TacBuddy based on operational environment or for an even lower profile. Whether you're carrying a gun or not, you should always have medical gear on you and with the TacBuddy there's just no excuse not to! The TacBuddy makes it easy to incorporate medical gear into your Every Day Carry.


TacBuddy is an ankle-based trauma kit designed to carry items needed in medical emergencies or shooting scenarios such as terrorist attacks, active shooters and any emergency or self-defense scenario. TacBuddy is designed to hold magazines, tourniquets, emergency trauma dressing, gauze, chest seals, or other need-to-have items. TacBuddy is great for concealed-carry support, first-responders, military, law enforcement, undercover agents, hikers, hunters and many more.


TacBuddy is made of heavy-duty, rugged commercial grade materials that can handle the daily routines of first-responders. The TacBuddy has been rigorously tested to outlast all weather and adverse conditions while remaining securely on your ankle.


Fully Stocked Option Includes:

  • Tourniquet: Choice of SOFTT-W, CAT Gen 7, or RATS Tourniquet
  • Celox Z Fold Rapid Hemostatic Gauze
  • Fox Seal Chest Seal (2 Chest Seals Per Pack)
  • Emergency Thermal Wrap
  • Nasopharyangeal Airway (28 Fr)
  • Nitrile Gloves
  • PiranhaTrauma Shears
  • Duct Tape Board


Traumatic Injury Statistics

Victims of trauma are susceptible to critical blood loss before first-responders can reach the scene. Immediate bystander care is critical in preventing survivable death.

Illustrated by the following statistics:

  • Traumatic injury is the leading cause of death for people younger than 46

  • 35% of pre-hospital deaths are due to blood loss

  • 80% of victims in a mass casualty event are transported to the hospital by citizens

  • Death due to traumatic bleeding can occur in less than 5 minutes

  • The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) states that emergency response should begin within 5 minutes 

  • National EMS response times often exceed the NFPA target times

  • Of the 147,000 trauma deaths in 2014, 30,000 victims might have survived with appropriate care, primarily control of bleeding



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