The #1 preventable cause of death in accidents is blood loss, which can be prevented with the proper use of a tourniquet. That's why we're carrying the Trauma Belt - an EDC (every day carry) solution for having a tourniquet, while also giving you the utility and ubiquity of a stylish belt!

The Trauma Belt is made out of Biothane, a durable, high strength and flexible material that also functions as an extremely effective tourniquet. Regular belts simply can't provide enough tightening torque to cut off blood flow, and even with the use of an impromptu windlass: a loose grip can cause it to unwind in an instant.

The Trauma Belt has an integrated low-profile windlass built into the belt with hooks on either end that secure back into the belt, holding the windlass in place (which means another free hand for you to help yourself or the victim).

In regular use the Trauma Belt is a great looking and stylish belt that is stiff enough for concealed carry but flexible enough to be worn every day.


  • 1.5" Width
  • Material: Biothane
  • Belt Sizes:
    • L (Waist Size: 35-39)
    • XL (Waist Size: 39-43)
    • 2XL (Waist Size: 43-47)
  • Weight: 11.6oz

RATS Trauma Tourniquet Belt

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