RapidPure is a best in class, game changing development in camping, survival, backpacking and emergency water filtration. Check your current filter specifications, or competitive filters out there. Brand name water filters such as Katadyn, MSR, Aquamira, Platypus, Sawyer and others - reduce bacteria and cysts, but if viruses are suspected, they specifically instruct you treat filtered water with chemicals such as chlorine dioxide to make the water safe from viruses. RapidPure captures viruses that are too small for our competitors' filters to capture. How long will my filter last? Every water source is different. The water source with the greatest contaminants will have the shortest filter life. However the RapidPure user will get the greatest contaminate removal with the RapidPure filter. RapidPure filtration reduces more contaminates than any other recreational filters. Greater filter performance results in reduced filter life. Replace when the ability to suck water becomes difficult

Intrepid 750ml Water Bottle with 4.5" Filter

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