Paramount Tactical Solutions Modular Trauma Kit (MTK) is the result of over 2 years of product testing by our experienced and certified medical instructor staff. After testing and using almost every product available, we can assure you the MTK is only stocked with the highest quality of medical supplies available.


After a couple of years of using commercially available kits for our medical courses, we realized most kits came stocked with inferior products, had items that didn't make sense, or didn't have items we know are critical... so after a lot of frustration, we decided to build our own kits.


The MTK is a no compromise individual trauma kit. There are areas where you can get away with buying cheap inferior products, but life saving products are not one of those areas! You can buy cheaper kits, but not better ones, and the extra money you spend is an investment in quality and the assurance you'll have when you need this kit in a life or death event.


If you buy the components of this kit separately it's over $220 worth of gear and that doesn't include shipping costs that would be $30 or more... You get the entire kit complete with free shipping for $209.00





  1. HSGI M3T Multiple-Mission Medical TACO (Pouch)
  2. Tourniquet: Choice of SOFTT-W, CAT Gen 7, or RATS Tourniquet
  3. Celox Z Fold Rapid Hemostatic Gauze
  4. Fox Seal Chest Seal
  5. Olaes Modular Pressure Bandage
  6. Emergency Thermal Wrap
  7. Nasopharyangeal Airway (28 Fr) With Lube
  8. Nitrile Gloves
  9. PiranhaTrauma Shears
  10. Duct Tape Board
  11. Sharpie
  12. Casualty Card

Modular Trauma Kit (MTK)

Tourniquet Type
Add 2nd Tourniquet
Add Decompression Needle
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