This 2 day course is designed for the beginner to intermediate long range shooter.

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For training we can provide everything you need or you’re welcome to bring your own firearm and equipment which we will help you setup for optimal performance.*

In this course we will cover the following:

  1. Introduction to Long Range Shooting
  2. Elements of a Precision Firearm
  3. Optical Sight Types, Function, Mounting, and Selection
  4. Proper Rifle and Optics Setup
  5. Precision Firearm and Optic Maintenance and Storage
  6. Minutes of Angle (MOA) and Milradians (MILs) Explanation and Use
  7. Internal, External, and Terminal Ballistics
  8. Understanding the Effects of Wind and other Environmental Considerations
  9. Data Collection and D.O.P.E Book
  10. Caliber and Ammunition Selection
  11. Precision Shooting Fundamentals
  12. Additional Equipment Considerations
  13. Proper Spotting Techniques and Communication

Location: Gerrardstown, WV

*We often have clients bring firearms or optics and other rifle components that just will not work for the intended purpose. We will help you make that determination, provide you a firearm for training, and ensure you leave knowing what will work in the future

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