Special Guest Gary Krause Bitcoin/Crypto Expert

Free For All Friday Livestream – Sep 30, 2022 Special Guest Gary Krause Bitcoin/Crypto Expert – Can Crypto Currency Preserve Freedom?

We’ll be talking with Gary Krause a veteran and Bitcoin/Crypto expert. We’ll learn about Bitcoin and hear from Gary on how it can be used to fight back against financial institutions attempting to suppress your rights, monitor your purchases, and invade your privacy.

The 2nd Amendment, along with many other of our rights, is being assaulted by private institutions colluding with Left wing activists in our own government. They are mobilizing the combined force of the private sector and government to directly and indirectly infringe on your rights and create firearm registrations that could be used against you by political actors.

We have to be smarter than they are, learn new skills, and resist their attempts to violate our rights and privacy.

I know nothing about crypto and have no idea how I’ll feel about it after this discussion, but I’m hoping to learn something and be able to utilize a new tool that will protect my family, our rights, and our privacy.

It’s going to fun either way so don’t miss it!

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